Warface Icebreaker (360° panorama)

Here is a 360 panoramic trailer I created for Warface - Icebreaker DLC.

I worked on modelling (upgrading existing low poly assets and creating environment pieces like the mountains/ice), set dressing, lighting, particle FX, animation, rendering. The entire project was done in just 3 weeks rendered in CRYENGINE.

The final renders are composited in-engine is real-time with our new omnidirectional camera feature. I will try to make sure this feature finds it's way into future versions of the engine!

The majority of the assets were low poly in-game Warface models.
The Naval ship was modeled by the talented Anastasia Malysheva.
Character animations for the General and two guards are from awesome animator Young Ho Shin.

Icebreaker 360° Trailer

Joe garth frame002356
Joe garth frame007503