Journey - The Ship

Pre-flight checks are complete! But this is just the start of the journey.

Small teaser for my new solo project 'Journey'.

Rendered in CryENGINE
3D Assets created in 3ds max and Photoshop
Music and Sound Design created in Reaper.
'Journey' Logo by Lars Sowig.

©2016 Joe Garth All Rights Reserved.

Journey - The Ship

Joe garth screenshot0096

The Ship is designed for long space flight. The forward command module is detachable in emergencies. Hydroponic bays provide an area for plants to grow, using a combination of real solar rays and compact fluorescent lights.

Joe garth screenshot0117

The large solar array provides ample energy to sustain the crew and plant-life while in cryo-sleep.

Joe garth screenshot0097

A circular, modular design allows for maximum flexibility.

Joe garth screenshot0098

The solar array doubles as a satellite dish, allowing for long range telemetry.

Joe garth screenshot0big

While still beautiful from space, the Earth is quickly becoming inhospitable to human life. The ship has one purpose: Save Mankind.