Living Room - Lighting Study

3d scene/lighting study I assembled in CRYENGINE.

Assets are a combination of my own models, assets from CRYENGINE SDK and models from

Joe garth shot 02

Realtime-Render in CRYENGINE

Joe garth shot 09

Real-time render. Shadow details and ambient occlusion are rendered automatically. There's also a SVOGI (total illumination) pass which gives a nice extra bounce light.

Joe garth shot 01

The CRYENGINE makes it very easy to setup materials.

Joe garth shot 03

Everything runs in real-time, so i don't have to wait for rendering or baking lighting at any stage in the process.

Joe garth anim gif

Lighting breakdown

Joe garth shot 05

The depth of field has an automatic Bokeh effect.

Joe garth shot 04
Joe garth shot 07

Extra light bounces help to create some cool gradients on the walls.

Joe garth shot 08

A quick exterior created from CRYENGINE sample assets helps give some depth/realism outside.