Robinson The Journey - Trailer Space scene

This was a space scene I created in CryENGINE for Robinson the Journey. The final shot shows Robin escaping from the Esmeralda in a small life pod. In one continuous shot, he stares out of the window at the Esmeralda being destroyed, before glimpsing an Alien planet through the porthole.

The entire scene ran real-time at more than 30 fps.

You can watch the trailer here:

Joe garth screenshot0032 vignette 1080p

The final shot

Joe garth screenshot0041

The planet was a massive 3d sphere with slight displacement mapping, the asteroids are particle effects.

Joe garth screenshot0015 diagonal 1080p

The esmeralda is a massive 6 million polygon pre-production model, never intended to be used in real-time. Luckily CryENGINE handled it perfectly and performance wasn't an issue.