- Mountains Pack
Next Generation Terrain Library

- 4 high Resolution (8k) Terrain Brushes , All textures in .TIF format. All meshes in .obj.
- Created using Real world Heightfield data (LIDAR) and textured using aerial photography.
- Normal maps, Albedo maps (snow, desert, grasslands, rocky)
- Splatmaps: Slope, Angle, Flow maps
- Tree maps for foliage distribution
- LODs for use as game meshes.
- Works great with game engines (CRYENGINE, Unreal Engine 4, Unity) and other 3d software.

Joe garth screenshot0001 1920

Create epic mountains with these 8k resolution height maps!

Joe garth main

Real-time in CRYENGINE.

Joe garth screenshot0002 1920

Each brush has a 3d preview on sketchfab!




Joe garth files

Albedo, Heightmaps, Splatmaps, Tree maps, and LOD meshes are all included with each brush.

Joe garth biomes flipped

All included biome albedos.

Joe garth tree removal

Tree maps are generated with my bepoke LIDAR spike detection process. The real trees (shown here as spikes) are removed from the heightmap and added to a weightmap.

Joe garth lods skybrush

Game Ready with all LODs generated.