Halo 4 - Dance Parody video (2011)

Not my usual sort of project! This is a joke video I made back in 2011 using CryENGINE 3. I wanted to make a fake halo 4 trailer just before the launch of the game.

The video went viral in the massive Halo community and got millions of hits on youtube. You can find numerous copies online. Of course, I was too stupid to put my name on the video, so nobody had any idea who made it or where it came from. Well in this case, I'm spartacus! or in modern lingo, I'm Satoshi Nakamoto! To be honest, i'm not sure how proud I am of this video. But it's popular, and I guess that counts for something. The animations are from an easter egg you can find in Crysis 2.


Halo 4 mission 1 gameplay

Joe garth dance000009