Journey - Earth Orbit

Everything is rendered in CryENGINE and running in real-time.

Joe garth earth lightanddark v2
Joe garth earth still
Joe garth earth tinyship
Joe garth kitbash

The colony ship is kit bashed from various 3d parts.

Joe garth screenshot0079

This means I can quickly iterate on the design in CryENGINE. Everything is simply linked to a tagpoint (null entity). Including parts I can detach and animate separately.

Joe garth screenshot0080
Joe garth screenshot0081

For the Earth I use a few different texture maps including separate maps for the clouds, and glowing city lights.

Joe garth earth geom

The Earth is a giant sphere in Cryengine.

Joe garth screenshot0082

The sun is simply a sphere with glow material, with a light with flare rendered over the top.