- Create 3D Landscapes in Unreal Engine 4


Brushify is a next-generation terrain library. It contains high-resolution terrain created from real-world data. Terrain packs are available as modular environment packs for Unreal Engine 4 and source assets are available on Gumroad and Sketchfab. They come with unique 3D mountains that can be used to build 3D landscapes and game levels quickly and effectively.

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Joe garth brushify sculpting 750
Joe garth promo 03
Joe garth brushify meshes 750

Brushify packs come with meshes for optimized background vistas.

Joe garth assets 1080p
Joe garth finalbrush
Joe garth beauty 01 1080p
Joe garth beauty 02 1080p
Joe garth canyons
Joe garth mountains snow
Joe garth mountains preview
Joe garth lidar

Mesh derived from real world LIDAR point cloud data.

Joe garth grasslands gameplay 02 1080p

Final result in unreal @120fps

Joe garth optimization

Optimization buffers. Notice how the Grass has no overdraw.